Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Naturally 7 : Paris Metro

What's a store front after all? Naturally 7 in the Paris Metro. Something in the Air Tonight. Enjoy. Feel free to pass this gem along. (Click on the little envelope below). And, take a look at our other sites as well.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coffee Shop: Amsterdam

"While it's legal to smoke weed here in Amsterdam, it's only done in coffee shops. The term coffee shop is used loosely here, because I don't remember seeing anyone drinking coffee. You go in, pick out which one you want, light up and get high. It's actually illegal to do it out in the public," according to Sean's blog.

Live Porno Show Amsterdam

Amsterdam Sex Museum

Amsterdam Sex Museum...Is worth a visit, writes Michael Tyler in his "damm blog."

"In case you can't find any filth or are too shy, you can visit the more reputable, high street face of sex, the sex museum located on Dammstrav about 200 yards away from central station. The museum consists of many bits and pieces, sure to entertain and amuse, like a history of fucking, how it came about and how we can make money out of it."

Cleaning Up The Red Light District

Amsterdam's red-light district facing clean-up. Good work if you can get it. Article here: Red Light.

Red Light District, Amsterdam

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cave des Papilles, 75014 Paris

Cave des Papilles, 35 Rue Daguerre 75014 Paris. Installation by Matthew Rose: Blooze Windows, collages on bottles, 2006.

Kristallnacht, Berlin 1938

The many thousands of broken plate glass windows resulted in the term Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass to describe the events of November 9 lasting into the early morning hours of the 10th. Although the Nazis didn't get the popular uprising they had hoped for, they did notice that the overall population of some 60 million Germans showed remarkable indifference toward this first mass persecution of the Jews. Those who were shocked or outraged knew enough to keep their thoughts to themselves or risk being sent to a concentration camp. Full story is here, from HISTORY PLACE.

Marc Riboud, Windows, Beijing, 1957

Marc Riboud, Windows, Beijing, 1957. Gelatin Silver Print, printed later; 30 x 40 cm.

IBM, NYC 1927

IBM's display window at 310 Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1927 features a number of the company's offerings, including a card recorder, meat grinder, dial recorder, coffee grinder, computing parcel post scale, Type A time stamp and various pieces of punched card equipment. (VV2039) More images from the IBM archives.

New York City 1938

From the "One-Third of a Nation" series, New York City by Arnold Eagle and David Robbins, New York City Federal Art Project, May to August 1938. National Archives, Records of the Work Projects Administration (69-ANP-1-2329-325).

New Deal photographers were instrumental in exposing the human pain of the Great Depression to a wider audience. Their images of rural and urban poverty, which were sometimes manipulated for political and artistic effect, laid bare the economic exploitation of farm workers, uncovered poor living conditions in city tenements, and put a human face on the Depression. Their photographs remain some of the most compelling visual documents of the era. More at the New Deal Exhibition.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


TIPOGRAFIA a limited and signed edition of 21. (20 left). The full-color print measures 65 x 55 cm, and is produced on the Epson 9800, using 100 per cent cotton, acid-free Arches paper, 240 gram weight. The price : 75 euros. Contact : Store Front Windows

Thursday, October 4, 2007

1950s Coffee Shop

Painted coffee shop by Scott Moore, Laguna Beach, California artist. See more of this fantastic artist's store front windows on his site.