Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran : Green Revolution, Bloody Massacre

Assorted Twitter Feed from Iranian Students on Sunday Night in Tehran... as reported by Andrew Sullivan (Daily Dish/The Atlantic).

My Father has a truck load of ballot boxes that were to be burned in the back of his truck.

i eats some pills and wanna sleep and i scared that if they can find me ...i going...thx for your supports....

typing as fastest as I can in bth English&Farsi,Still we need outside help,I really don't want to be captured by Ansar

Once again I thank everyone in the world. No matter if Ahmadi stays or not, I'm proud to have clasped such supportive hands.

URGENT JUST IN, there r TANKS in front of the interior ministry of tehran in valiasr st. & fatemi CAREFUL

I can't find my friends on streets.

Rasht, glass splinters on the streets, riot police not hesitating to beat men, women and even kids
From Enghelab Sq friend just call me, Police & unknown forces beating everybody for no apparent reason!
Correction, no bus burned, but three cars.
dawn is breaking. can hear prayers from mosques.