Monday, May 30, 2011


Matthew Rose's Rubens Rounding Third, a unique art idea in a limited edition, signed and numbered print. These prints are produced on gummed paper, perforated and in an edition of 1000.  Size: 29.6 cm x 40.7 cm (11½ by 16 inches).  


Aurélie Prissette doesn't have a single tattoo on her (she says) but she's hooked on French people who do.

"I've taken hundreds of photographs of people and their tattoos – in their work places, the tattoo parlors, their homes – even their bathtubs. Skin, for these people is about performance, a sensual one, a private one." 

Above: "Viva Las Vegas," silver gelatin print (tirage argentique).

Aurélie presents her works at Kö-Ken Galerie, opening Thursday June 2, in an exhibition on the theme of "SKIN."  Two other artists, El Patman and David Law, touch upon fashion and flesh in this collective exhibition.

Address: Address: 107 rue des Couronnes, 75020 Paris - 01 43 58 68 65. Through June 30. The gallery is open every day from 3 PM - 8 PM.

To see more of Aurélie's photographs, click to visit her web site.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Artist seeking shoes for large scale sculpture. Above: CG mock up for untitled shoe pyre sculpture.

Residency Unlimited has selected Melissa A. Calderon to launch the new community based program Residency Unlimited at Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education.

Her project is focused on shoes.

Bronx-based, multimedia artist Melissa A. Calderon is seeking donations of old shoes to be included in a large scale sculpture.  

The artist is looking specifically for women's high heel or work/dress shoes - dressy flats are acceptable as well. She's looking for 500 pairs.

This work will be done in collaboration with the students at Casita Maria during the artist's residency. The work will then be on exhibit this fall at Hunter College's new Spanish Harlem gallery in its inaugural exhibition curated by Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell and Curator Susana Torruella Leval.

For Drop Off Info & To Contact the Artist:
Melissa A. Calderon

Clare Strand: Sleight

Clare Strand, Girl in Two Halves, 2008, fibre based lambda print, 144 × 150 cm

British artist Clare Strand opens Sleight at Brancolini Grimaldi in London Thursday May 26, 2011. the artist is interested in the paranormal, the magical and of course, sleight of hand. 

The exhibition will display for the first time the installation 'Ten Least Most Wanted' - a wry arrangement of ten vernacular images, chosen by Strand from her research scrapbooks. Also included is her new series Skirts, which features ten mysterious portraits of covered tables that invoke a feeling of concealment and denial.

Brancolini Grimaldi  43-44 Albemarle Street   London W1S 4JJ  T  + 44 (0) 207 493 5721

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York City 1985 By Corinne Bunzl

Paris-based photographer, Corinne Bunzl, recently exhibited a number of her black and white prints from New York City, circa 1980s at the Studio Harcourt benefit for Cancer Research in Paris.  This is one of her works – four good friends, working cigars and the side walk on the Lower East Side.  It sold along with several others of her prints.  This print is in an edition of 7.  Enquiries: Contact Corinne Bunzl.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bin Laden Watches Himself On TV

It's clearly time for a little reflection for the global terrorist, who is reviewing his recent tee vee appearances and perhaps seeing how he might improve his image. He's already dyed the beard black and when on camera dons the pastel-colored robes that bring out the message of peace in his blood thirsty rants.

Article: Bin Laden's Videos.