Thursday, March 25, 2010

John Himmelfarb : Geared Up At Luise Ross Gallery New York City, NY

John Himmelfarb's astonishing new sculptures in bronze and plywood as well as large-scale paintings are on view at the Luise Ross Gallery in New York City through April 17, 2010. 

See the work: John Himmelfarb at Luise Ross Gallery.

Himmelfarb is one of the most innovative artists working today.  His sense of line in everything he produces is absolutely his own.  You can see it in the drawings, prints and now in the sculptures.  His work is collected across the United States and in Europe.  He recently produced the iron gates for the Duncan home (and collection) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The work pictured here is a new turn in the artist's oeuvre – taking to plywood to create one of his signature trucks.  A large scale (actual truck) was recently produced and a slide show is now on his web site, here: CONVERSION, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA.

Himmelfarb lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.  His most recent book is a compendium of his prints: The Prints of John Himmelfarb : A Catalogue Raisonné 1967 - 2004.  (Hudson Hills Press, Manchester, Vermont).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Surrealestate: Art Call For Mobius

SURREALESTATE is an artist call for works to benefit Mobius, the Boston-based artist run cultural center.

Mobius Fundraiser and art bash for Mobius Artrages 2010 is looking for all sorts of artist-made post cards (4 x 6 inches) to go towards keeping Mobius in business.


Mobius, Inc.
725 Harrison Ave, Suite One
Boston MA 02118 USA

Performances, installations and art goings on are promised for the evening.  The theme for Artrages 2010: SURREALESTATE was conceived by Mobius' board member, Lou Susi, a performance and visual artist.

Mobius is teetering on bankruptcy and the SURREALESTATE fundraiser a last-ditch effort to raise money/awareness to buy the space Mobius has been renting.


A 4x6 postcard with one side containing your artwork and the other side with a handwritten or printed or typed word/sentence/phrase -anything you would like to say - in ANY LANGUAGE - related to Surrealestate.

Your handwritten signature somewhere would be greatly appreciated!

What surrealestate means to you is completely open.

The cards will be exhibited and then sold or used as prizes during Mobius Artrages 2010.

All materials will be accepted - the DEADLINE IS MAY 1ST, 2010 to allow a week to organize the cards for the exhibition.  No materials will be returned, the works will be considered 100% donations to Mobius, Inc.

In lieu of a blog, this public facebook page has been set up for all the cards submitted.

If you are a facebook member, please upload a photo of your work (just the artwork side) and tag your name and feel free to add any comments/links about yourself and your work - however again please to not reveal what it says on the "hidden" side of your card. This will be revealed at Mobius Artrages 2010.

If YOU ARE NOT A FACEBOOK member, please email a jpeg file of your work to
Subject: 4x6 SURREALESTATE Photo

and your photo will be posted.

PLEASE SEND YOUR POSTCARD (physical work of art) TO:

ATTN: Jane Wang
Mobius, Inc.
725 Harrison Ave, Suite One
Boston MA 02118 USA

E-mail or via FaceBook directly if you wish with 4x6 Surrealestate in the subject line if you can.

AND FINALLY: Please post this call on your own websites and invite any artists you know who might be interested in this call.