Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scott Blake's ShopDrop in Omaha Target Store

Scott Blake, an Omaha, Nebraska artist has gently turned shoplifting around and dropped his limited edition, signed and numbered silkscreen printed tee shirts at an Omaha, Nebraska Target store.

The tee shirts are typical of the artist's subversive artwork. Blake created "bar code" art years ago: He's made a bar code portrait of Andy Warhol out of Campbell's Soup Can barcodes. He's done Marilyn Monroe out of DVD bar codes from her films. Scan the barcode and a scene from her film plays.  And he's upgraded his tech portraits with QR codes.  

Blake's Shopdrop tee shirt was purchased (see above) by the artist's friend, Larry Ferguson, for $13.90 and Mr. Ferguson even saved $1 on the purchase.  The shirt comes a signed and dated and numbered tag. The sale will go towards Target's bottom line earnings in the upcoming quarter.  Check out more of Scott Blake's intriguing work here:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MH-17 Wreckage Analysis

Piece of wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines jet downed over eastern Ukraine last week shows damage, including shrapnel holes and blistered paint, that is consistent with a hit from a fragmenting warhead, according to consultants with IHS-Jane’s.  

Here's an analysis of the wreckage from the point of view of a ballistic and missile expert looking at the fragments impact on the skin of the airplane. Analysis.

Photo: Noah Sneider (The New York Times).

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Metamorphic at Converge Gallery: 11 July - 2 August 2014

Metamorphosis is the governing process of life: Change. In “Metamorphic” Converge Gallery presents seven artists whose works deftly explore the vast metaphor and process of change using a range of materials reclaimed and re-purposed from their original context.

Cast off, found and everyday objects are married thoughtfully here with post-modern artistic concerns – concerns that dig away at meaning in an oftentimes meaningless world. The results by these international artists offer a fresh and startling perspective on an often stale worldview. 

"Metamorphic" thrusts us into a very contemporary philosophical (and often humorous) dialogue, launching us into a new and challenging visual landscape that upends our experience with our familiarity with these “things we know.” Our awareness is reframed; we are transported to a different if not unique perspective.  Familiarity will never be the same again.

"Metamorphic" is curated by Kasey Lyon, assistant director, Converge Gallery.

Works by Hope Kroll, Matthew Rose, Will Kurtz, Brock Dent, Timothy Allen Miller, Chad Andrews, & Ron Lambert will be on display.

The exhibition opens on Friday, July 11 at 6 PM and will be on view thru Saturday, August 2.

See : Converge Gallery.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Paris Photo: Victor Matussiere Studio In Montparnasse

The vibrant world of Victor Matussiere, young French photographer whose portraits, and photos covering art, fashion, product design, graphic arts, still life and the everyday are quite the buzz.  Victor runs a gorgeous studio in Montparnasse. He's funny and serious and a technical pro. And quite the cook!  See if you can spot him in the kitchen photo above. See more of his sensational work here:  Victor Matussiere Studio.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Joseph Nechvatal's Velvet Love At Galerie Richard, Paris

Joseph Nechvatal. nOiseanusmOs,  2011. Paint on white velvet, 112 x 168 cm.

It is fair to say that Warhol owned Campbell’s Soup cans, Coke bottles and Marilyn the way Pollock owned paint drips, Hopper hotels and lonely diners, and Koons polished steel balloon poodles. It might also be fair to say that Joseph Nechvatal, an American artist who works in both New York and Paris, and takes a post-conceptualist approach to art making, owns a human aperture – the anus.  prOtOcOls nOn (nO rules), Nechvatal’s current Paris exhibition at Galerie Richard, brings together seven large format works of cosmic anal images produced via his homemade computer virus. Nechvatal employs a system of computer-assisted robotic spray guns to paint the final pieces on luscious white velvet canvas.

More:  Joseph Nechvatal's Velvet Love

Galerie Richard
74, rue de Turenne
Paris, France  75003
May 30 – July 19, 2014