Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Do Prices Reflect?

William Powhida, What do Prices Reflect? 2011. Graphite, colored pencil and watercoor on paper
20 x 16 inches. 

Intriguing piece that swims upstream with the Occupy Wall Street school.  [Click image to enlarge]

From: William Powhida, at Postmasters.  My question: How much is this artwork?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seeing Double: Her Royal Majesty Launches At Le Carmen In Paris

Her Royal Majesty's latest edition, 85 pages and perfect bound with a glossy cover and watermarked pages, launches at Le Carmen in Paris on 11.1.11 with art work and  three performances, all female duets, beginning at 9:30pm.  The magazine is edited by Harriet Alida Lye (pictured above).

The cover art was created specially for this edition by Badaude, and the printed version comes with a mini-magazine insert that folds out into a beautiful poster by Dan Estabrook on one side, and self-portraits by all of the contributors on the other.

Focused on the theme of Doubles, the works collected in the 11th issue explore questions of duality, opposites and partnership. A new collaboration between James Franco and Alison Higgins illustrates how two people can lead similar lives and have similar goals but with very different outcomes; a story of a parasitic twin reveals quelched potential; illustrations of Finnegans Wake by Stephen Crowe call into question the nature of duplicity and partnership; a new story by Lauren Elkin about partners that become enemies and have a duel in Les Halles…

The magazine will be available for sale at a discounted price at the party, and original artwork by Matthew Rose, Fiona Kinsella and Cara Tobe will be exhibited, along with special edition artists' prints of work featured in Her Royal Majesty by Mia Funk, Rosy Lamb, Grant Creegan and Lendl Barcelos.

Her Royal Majesty has been in the press, lately. Read interviews on HTMLGIANT and Vingt Paris and an article in Paris-Art. An article in Le Bonbon is forthcoming: pick up your free issue anywhere in Paris on November 1.   See the magazine online: Her Royal Majesty.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gisèle Freund: Still Life in Montparnasse

Gisèle Freund, (November 19, 1908 or 1912 - March 31, 2000), used to live in my apartment building on Rue Lalande in Paris.

On my way to see a friend today I crossed through the beautiful Montparnasse Cemetery a block away to say hello to my neighbor. It was a beautiful autumn day and while it seems strange, I took a picture of her final resting place.

Freund was a wonderful photographer; well known for her dozens and dozens of portraits of artists, writers, thinkers, she chronicled a cultural era just before and after World War II.  She became famous overnight in 1939 when she followed James Joyce around Paris for three days taking pictures of him reading, talking, being James Joyce. (One of her many photos of Joyce, in color, was the cover of Time on May 8, 1939)

Freund's work is the focus of an exhibition in Paris now, Fondation Pierre Bergé/Yves Saint Laurent, “Gisèle Freund, l’Oeil Frontière,” 5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris.  A lovely NYT article on the exhibition by Katherine Knoor is found here: The Elegance of Gisèle Freund.

Some years ago I made an object out of some old discarded name tags she had for her slide cabinet and slide dividers that were tossed out and the apartment door buzzer that was removed (we have a new one now).  That piece is called CHEZ GISELE.

Just yesterday someone asked me if the city of Paris was going to put up a plaque on the building.  I said I'd find out.  Read more about Gisèle Freund here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herb & Dorothy: The Film (Part 2)

The famed art collectors, postal worker Herb and librarian Dorothy Vogel, blazed a trail in collecting art and stuffing it all in their tiny one bedroom New York City apartment. The entire collection was donated to The National Gallery of Art and then that collection was divided and sent to each of the 50 US States.
Film maker Megumi Sasaki is now producing HERB & DOROTHY 50X50, a film that captures the follow up of the collection, following her hit documentary on the Vogels and their collection. Click through to donate to the project on Kickstarter.

Interested to find out more about these two and the film?  See Herb & Dorothy dot com or check out their wikipedia entry The Vogels.  The list of artists in the collection numbers in the hundreds.  Among the artists you'll find: Cindy Sherman, Roy Lichtenstein, Carl Andre, Richard Tuttle, Annette Lemieux, Peter Schuyff, Sol LeWitt and many others.

I met these two in New York City many years ago while they were wandering around the then-art center of Soho and was struck by their seriousness and yet some kind of strange New York reality.  "We have no where to put anything anymore," they told me.  "We have works and works underneath our bed."  True story. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Invite Audubon and friends into your home. Have a cup while you check out rare Nepalese species from your kitchen table.  Run a two-inch band of birds in a forest around your bedroom. Dream outloud.

BIRDPAPER, Matthew Rose's new wall paper print made for the GOD & COUNTRY exhibition at STORIE PARIS is now available in linear square meters (110 x 90 cm).  The wall paper print will be produced at Burning Boy Press Paris.

DESIGN SPONGE recently wrote about it on their site: DESIGN SPONGE.

Wall to wall to wall installations are available, as well as rolls for do-it-yourself installations in bands or rectangles or squares.  The bird watching wall paper is made to order.

For more information on BIRDPAPER installations, please click:  CONTACT.

Fine art, 30 x 40 cm, signed and dated prints of Birdpaper, are available from : KEEP CALM GALLERY in LONDON.