Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recession Proofs

Times are tough, but they are also fascinating. Moira McLaughlin decided to challenge herself and the world to make artwork and collages that reflect our economic crisis. The result: "Recession Proofs."  She is welcoming your recession proofs. (Moira's work is illustrated, here).

The rules:

1. You can only use images that you got for free: junk mail, grocery store circulars, j. crew catalogs, free weekly newspapers, etc.

1. Title must reflect current events or your response to the Great Recession.

3. You can use found objects from around your house, for example a plastic bag, but NOT an object that you bought, i.e. a magazine you paid for last year.

4. You may purchase the panel for the foundation of the collage.

The idea is to make art out of things that are free and show that creativity truly is "Recession Proof."
Email her at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fingerpainting On Mars

Fingerpainting on Mars is a time capsule by Little Shiva, artist, designer and fashion forward thinker. The theme of this new publication is contemporary art: go check out the space dust at FINGERPAINTING ON MARS.

The magazine is available in France at the Centre Pompidou and galerie du jour - agnès b.

See the website for other locations or order this jewel online.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Exhibition in NYC at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery.  Opening 10 September.  Contribute, Participate, Distribute.

Brian Lesteberg At Culturehall

Garage, Sheridan County, ND, 2007. Copyright Brian Lesteberg
Brian Lesteberg is a young and talented photographer based in Minneapolis. His work was published in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Volume 2 released this spring by powerHouse and CDS Books at the Center for Documentary Studies. While I was still living in Minneapolis, Brian shot an unforgettable series, Raised to Hunt, about his experiences growing up in culture of hunting in North Dakota. He has since further explored northern environments in his more recent projects: Places of Worship, Portraits of Home, and The Broncos of Miles City.

His work is featured at Culturehall, an online artist portfolio.