Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keep Calm and Carry On: Wahsoh

Keep Calm and Carry On: A new print, Wahsoh (2008) by Matthew Rose for KEEP CALM GALLERY is now available exclusively through the web site.

The edition is signed, dated and numbered, edition of 50, A2-sized (18" x 25") full-color print on fine acid-free paper, printed by Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. Price: 55 UK Pounds. This print is typical of Matthew Rose's increasingly mad world. Originally a 50 x 50 cm collage exhibited in "Herzschmerz" in 2006 Berlin at Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, the piece was destroyed (and has subsequently been remade). Here, obsessive worlds of sex and language collide in a miasma of metaphor and mistaken identity. The artist takes his collage technique to not only reading and spelling, but seeing and hearing, with this unique "all-over" piece.

Click on the image above to enlarge Wahsoh.

Two exhibitions by Matthew Rose are planned for May and June. In May, The David Turner Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia will present more than 30 large-format prints from the A Perfect Friend series as well as a series of drawings and collages for the gallery's inaugural exhibition. In June, Galerie Rosella Junck, Augustrasse 28, Berlin will feature new collage works, drawings and objects in a show entitled "A KICK IN THE KUNST."

E-mail Keep Calm's Lucas or Hayley to purchase by clicking here : KEEP CALM.

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