Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oil War Gas Station

Artists knit a tea-cosy for a New York Gas Station in the 2008 collaborative work- Oil War. International Fiber Collaborative, put together this amazing art work – a serious Store Front Window – and St. Louis, MO artist Keith A. Buchholz brought it to my attention. He says, "The panel just left of the telephone pole – to the left of the pink one – is mine - theres a close up of it in the album." (see below, right). The idea that artists can change the landscape of the global oil economy is not exactly new, but it is ever renewable (unlike the global energy policy of sucking out every last drop of oil from the earth). In 1000 years the very idea of a "gas" station will be as strange as folks paying for phone calls (well, some people still pay for phone calls now) with quarters. Oil is, in the end, a finite resource. And now, of course, a political tool that is used to crush people who have become dependent on the black stuff to get where they want to go. My grandfather built Sunoco stations in Brooklyn. He grew up riding a horse. It's a strange war we're fighting.

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