Monday, September 22, 2008

Trap Souris: The End Of The World

Two special editions for THE END OF THE WORLD exhibition at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. the Red, White and Blue "trap souris," is in an edition of 39 in a signed and numbered gift box with clear plastic tops. The "gold" edition is also signed, but not numbered. There are not many left. Each specially produced box is only $99. (PayPal accepted).

They are "survival machines" for the end of the world, by artist Matthew Rose, in the spirit of Flux Boxes. (Think: Food). And while you're thinking "food" think Sarah Palin, John McCain, Barack Obama and the teetering economy, global warming, global chaos and more wars and general disintegration.  So, get your trap souris today! (And put it on eBay tomorrow!).

The exhibition, which opened on 18 September runs through 15 October. Address: Wm Turner Gallery, The Stove Works, 112 Krog Street, Atlanta, Georgia.

The edition of "trap souris" are limited and designed specially for the exhibition. Click on each image to get a giant-sized view of the art works. Order yours today! Only $99. David at wmturnergallery dot com.

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