Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama's Loss Traced To Matthew Rose

Boy oh boy did I fuk up.


Festeria said...
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Festeria said...

Everybody fucks up sometimes (e.g. my above comment attempt) but let none of us fuck up TOMORROW!

Please forward to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

I've written and recorded a bouncy Pro-Obama song about voting liberally,
drinking liberally, and celebratory breakfast. I'd love it if we could
push it along... Time's a-wasting!

I'd like to invite everyone to hotlink to the song, download it and post it,
and otherwise share it. Tell all your friends about it. Put it on your
iPod and repeat it, learning all the words. Sing it in the streets:

(People tell me they do like to sing along with it.)

DONUTS AND BACON (the song streams on the site)

If you post it online, please provide a link to

James W. Roy

Here's the lyrics:


We were reading and watching and ranting irate
When we saw a shirt advertised at the debate
Such sweet inspiration! A savory plate
Of donuts and bacon, Obama 08

And I saw in that vision before me online
A fine sentiment that we could all get behind
When the victory's ours let's go out and get blind
And eat donuts and bacon in the morning!

Donuts and bacon and
Donuts and bacon and
Donuts and bacon in the morning

Donuts and bacon and
Donuts and bacon and
Donuts and bacon in the morning

It's been a long tunnel but we see the light
Cause we all know that Barry will carry the fight
So let's get out the vote then drink whiskey all night
And eat donuts and bacon in the morning


All good liberals can fight when our back's to the wall
Cause we know that we're right, and the right's not at all,
All us losers and boozers and heroes can't fall
If there's donuts and bacon in the morning


Though we've suffered eight years of republican blight
If the worst should occur by deceit tuesday night
We can drown all our sorrows then get up to fight
And eat donuts and bacon tomorrow

But religious folks tell me despair is a sin
And though I'm no believer and I've never been
I believe that Obama and Biden will win
Let's have donuts and bacon every morning


I've been cranking music up to my website, The James Rocket since august
2005; I've been writing and performing since '87.