Saturday, July 18, 2009

Culture Hall : Apply Now

Culture Hall, a community for artists to share their work with other artists, curators and collectors, is curated with a specific interest in early to mid-career artists. CH provides select artists free 50 mb portfolios with easy to use tools for presenting their art in the best way possible on the Internet. Membership is available by invitation or free application. Check them out... and browse the artists on-site.

Above, Joshua Luther's pdqb, 2005, inkjet on wood, 16" x 32".   Luther, who lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah, works the conceptual and digital modes with aplomb: "Orientation is such a relative notion, in actual space orientation is completely arbitrary. Yet we as humans determine our world view in terms of up and down, good and bad."  The syntax of geometry vis à vis where I am, where you are, where we are. Minding your ps and qs, your ds and bs.

Apply to Culture Hall by clicking here.  Tell them Store Front Windows sent you and you'll get a big hello.

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