Monday, October 19, 2009

Robert Crumb Does God's Work

Robert Crumb, hero to generations of pot heads and comic book obsessives (both readers and creators), author of "Keep On Truckin' " and "Fritz the Cat," has just unveiled his biggest project ever: The Bible.  More specifically, Genesis. Here God makes man (Adam) and woman (Eve) and of course then all HELL breaks loose.

There's God Himself on the cover and starring in all 50 chapters of the first book of the Bible.  Meet the Tree of Life, The Forbidden Fruit, The Snake, Cain and Able and all your Bible friends. Creation and destruction, floods and famine.  It's all there packed to the brim with drama and early Man anxiety. Illustrated in his signature cross-hatch genius, Crumb the once-underground artist is now taking on the Bible Belt and Beyond.  This book is certain to be the stocking stuffer of the Christmas Season and probably around February you'll see the first edition up on eBay for about five times the cover price.

It's in hardcover from W.W. North & Co. And only $25. More than 100,000 copies are already in print. And yes, of course, you'll be able to get a copy from Amazon. What's next? The Koran? Or The Farmer's Almanac?  Bravo Robert Crumb!  Read the story from NPR.

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BoneFarm said...

Dear MistahC'Drop,
Thanks for the heads up on R.Crumb's Bible Book. I can't wait to get my copy and be the best Santa ever this gift season... I'll hardly be able to afford all the copies I wish I could send out. Also, I am absolutely sure that R.Crumb will get straight to the bottom of these classic stories from the Lord... sure to be enlightening, if not enlightenment itself. I pray now that Mr. Natural and Flakey Foont might fit prominantly into one of these tales... but, dare I ask for so much?