Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sedentary Ramblers : Trio Extraordinaire

Once in a generation, a band comes along that is unlike any that has come before it, and unlike any that will follow. A band so revolutionary, so innovative, it forever alters our musical landscape, even the course of life on earth. A band that makes its predecessors seem paltry and pedestrian, and leaves its successors hopeless in the face of a bar that has been set impossibly high.

"We are not that band," is the note on the home page of The Sedentary Ramblers. "But we are 3 guys who really like getting together to pick guitars and banjos, saw on fiddles, and bang around on washboards and spoons."

One music reviewer wrote: “That may be the second best version of ‘molly sniffed a possum toe’ I ever heard.” Another intoned: “Didn’t you guys play that one already?” But don't listen to them! The Sedentary Ramblers are rolling big time.

The Sedentary Ramblers are a trio of good ole boys from Georgia and beyond who have been bothering their friends for years, playing through floods and fires and bar room brawls, perfecting a sweet and joyful, sometimes mellow and soulful collection of classic songs with their own twist. The Sedentary Ramblers’ debut album was recorded live at Wolf Creek Cabin in Fannin County, GA. And : The CD is out now. Check out the sample sounds and bounce around with your own pair of spoons. Buy a copy for only $9.99 plus 2 bucks shipping and handling.

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