Friday, June 18, 2010

Wordpapering The World: Neolipic By John M. Bennett

Just out, Neolipic by John M. Bennett is a linguistic masterpiece.  And it's a free eBook from

About Neolipic: 158 poems (or barely constrained outbursts) written in the Spring of 2009 in which John M. Bennett tries to reformat the world with a swarm of linguistic distortions and formal jiggling, bursting out of the thin shirt of consciousness to reveal what's out there and also what's in there. The poems are textual, visual, aural, multi-lingual (English, Spanish - or their simulacra - and bits of French and Globbolalia). Unlike anything else written. 

Here is what others have said about John Bennett and his Neolipic:

"A bypassing into the region, a crossing over the border and a controlled/violent journey into the genius that is John M. Bennett. A living legend that in so many ways serves us that geography that we so richly need." – Chris Mansel
"Not merely a poet, John M. Bennett is almost a species unto himself. Every utterance becomes poetry, from the sweetest lines to the raw animal grunts that initially designated something new was happening on the planet. And new is what you get with Neolipic. It's the new word, the new way to allow words to happen, to allow the senses to reconfigure around what the mouth is doing. It's all charted here in Bennet's unbridled eruptions in which the past is erased and the future is impossible. To read this book is like bleeding for joy. A master at work. Don't be a sap. Download it!" –  Jake Berry

Click here to go to Neolipic's download site from 

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