Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keith Donovan: Erotic English Armchair

Keith Donovan, a painter based in Le Jouhet, France, recently produced a hand painted erotic English armchair for collector in Switzerland and he's shared this with Store Front Windows.  The chair, originally a family heirloom, was transformed with erotic images this September into a high-end work of art.  One might say this is a perfect love seat, but you'd have to be sitting on someone to fit. Perhaps that's the idea. Hot seat.

Donovan follows a long history of artists who have reworked chairs, tables, even baby cribs as renovated art objects – such as Keith Haring, Claes Oldenburg, Marcel Broothaers among others.

"The image concerns heroic postures, and the memory of gentlemen who roamed the world and sat (later on) to recount the highs and lows.  It's andropausal in a way."

The images hail from 18th century French engravings from five different artists including the widely celebrated erotic Frenchman, Borel.

Check out the web site: Keith Donovan,

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Anonymous said...

I just want that armchair. Just beautiful.