Sunday, September 12, 2010

Martin Wöhrl At Emmanuel Perrotin Paris

Martin Wöhrl, Munich-based sculptor, at his opening in Paris at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, 10 impasse Saint Calude 75003 Paris), in front of one of his sun sculptures.  The pieces, he said, are composed of bits of cut wood that nobody wants.  They are composed using a range of colors from laminated wood and formica, a 1970s expression of home décor.  Other works are square or rectangular and riff off of a number of formalists from Malevich to Albers to Christian Eckhardt.

Photo: Martin Wöhrl in front of one of his works in Paris.

The New Yorker, writing about his debut exhibition in NYC, said of his assemblages "they call to mind shabby-chic artifice."

This is the 37-year old artist's first exhibition in Paris, and the ensemble of the dozen pieces fits perfectly in this chapel-like space.

Wöhrl is represented by Spencer Brownstone in New York.

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