Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artist Auctioning Off His Control Over His 7-Year Artistic Output on eBay

New York-based artist William Brovelli is selling control over his artistic output for 7 years, in an conceptual piece entitled "Seven Year Itch."  The project begins with an auction bid on his production on eBay.
The artist follows others who have used eBay to stir the art world pot a bit, generate buzz and and perhaps find themselves as endentured servants of the Art Review Power 100 for a period of ... years!  Christophe Büchel famously auctioned off his place at Manifesta several years ago.  Artist Sal Randolf bought the placement and created the Free Manifesta.
Brovelli writes: "This is an interactive piece titled: 'Seven Year Itch' in which I am offering the collector the right to suspend my creative output for a period of 7 years. This act of relinquishing control to the purchaser creates a scenario in which the collector becomes a primary figure in the forming of the history of the piece… as well as letting me off the hook for a while."  
William Brovelli participated in the global project, A Book About DeathClick here to see his piece.
Bidding on eBay starts at: $1000.

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