Friday, November 5, 2010

Artists Protest At Ray Johnson & A Book About Death Exhibition On Long Island

Several artists were seen protesting at the recent opening of Ray Johnson & A Book About Death, the most recent in a series of exhibitions on the subject of death at CW Post College on Long Island. 

The protestors, including so-called "collage artist" Honey Millmann, carried signs that said "PROTEST."  When asked what she was protesting, Millmann explained: "NOTHING."  Ray Johnson, the artist who is acknowledged as the "father of mail art," made many "nothings" in the form of drawings, photocopy prints and performances.  He has also a large body of work featuring the word "nothing" backwards: "gnihton."

Later in the evening Honey Millmann switched signs.  This one "ABAD IDEA" uses the acronym for the A Book About Death exhibitions.  Here she is seen with a coffin, reportedly filled with "nothing" specially shipped in for the opening. Millmann works with Viv Maudlin to document exhibitions, as well. Her work can be seen here: ABAD NYC and RJ&ABAD.

The protesters were met with other artists without signs posing as a Madonna and Child.

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Arty said...

Wow, the exhibition is becoming so popular that other artists are trying to bask in reflected glory. Ha!

That's a really jerky sort of compliment to you.


Wasn't it Napoleon who said about glory: “Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.”


Then then again Macrus Aurelius said: “Glory paid to our ashes comes too late”

William Evertson said...

We did do the "Banging our Head Against a Wall" shrine/performance in honor of Matthew at the opening.