Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anonymous Drawings: The Archive Show

The ARCHIVE OF ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS will be shown for 10 days at Uferhallen, Berlin-Wedding.

See the preview here.

This year the exhibition is the opportunity for a BENEFIT-SALE of drawings from the archive: The proceeds of the sales will be collected in the blütenweiss-fund and will be used for the financing of the next call for participation and the following exhibition in June 2011.

800 selected drawings of international artists will be presented anonymously in an exhibition. The artist's anonymity can be lifted by means of purchasing a drawing for the symbolic unit sales-price of 150 EUR. The buyer can take his drawing right off the wall and s/he is then told the name and the point of origin of its author. The empty space the drawing leaves behind will be marked with the artist's full name. The given unit sales-price should not be seen as a real market price, but as a place-holder for any conceivable amount of money.

The viewer is expected to draw his own line between art and not-art because the works are from both established artists and laymen. Common, art specific mechanisms like the importance of an artists` ego, price formation or prepared qualities which can be referred to a specific art context, should be reversed in this exhibition in an experimental way: the artists engage themselves to put their own person into the background for the benefit of the actual product, their artistic work.

The ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS ARCHIVE came into being through all Anonymous Drawings exhibitions since 2006: Every general exhibition preparation started with an international call to participate on the Internet. No demands were made regarding the content: age, biography or heritage of the artist were not relevant for the selection. Only the maximum size of the drawings was fixed: bluetenweiss accepted works up to 29,7 - 42 cm / A3. For every exhibition roughly 800 drawings out of all submissions have been selected. In the event of a sale the artists received 100 EUR of the sale-price.

Since the first call for participation more than 5000 people from all parts of the world joined the Anonymous Drawings Project.

There are more than 1200 drawings in the ANONMYOUS DRAWINGS ARCHIVE. Each of these works have previously been shown at one of the regular exhibitions. More than 10 shows of Anonymous Drawings took place in Berlin and abroad up until today. The works saved in the archive are mostly artists' donations supporting the project. Besides of that the archive is also being be shown as a traveling exhibition nationally and internationally.

The art-project ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS was founded 2006 by the Berlin artist Anke Becker.

See works from the archive here.

DECEMBER 10- 19 2010


Uferstrasse 8 - 12
13357 Berlin - Wedding
Opening hours: daily 12 - 8 pm
U8 Pankstrasse

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