Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr Brainwash Goes Bats & Cats

On Tuesday February 8, at 12pm PST, Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a set of two prints "Bat Papi & Cat Nana." Brainwash will do that to you, make you catty and batty and/or both. His Kate Moss print sold out in a nana second last week. I used to see his wall posters all over Paris, but my guess is they've been torn down by collectors who are waiting for the Christie's moment.

These prints, writes the LA-based artist, were featured in the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop." Each one is an eleven-color screen print on hand-torn archival art paper. Each print is uniquely hand stained, signed, numbered, and thumb printed by the artist.

Edition: 150. Size: 15in x 19in. Price: $375 for the set (cannot be sold separately).

Want the pair?  Go here: Mr Brainwash.

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