Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herb & Dorothy: The Film (Part 2)

The famed art collectors, postal worker Herb and librarian Dorothy Vogel, blazed a trail in collecting art and stuffing it all in their tiny one bedroom New York City apartment. The entire collection was donated to The National Gallery of Art and then that collection was divided and sent to each of the 50 US States.
Film maker Megumi Sasaki is now producing HERB & DOROTHY 50X50, a film that captures the follow up of the collection, following her hit documentary on the Vogels and their collection. Click through to donate to the project on Kickstarter.

Interested to find out more about these two and the film?  See Herb & Dorothy dot com or check out their wikipedia entry The Vogels.  The list of artists in the collection numbers in the hundreds.  Among the artists you'll find: Cindy Sherman, Roy Lichtenstein, Carl Andre, Richard Tuttle, Annette Lemieux, Peter Schuyff, Sol LeWitt and many others.

I met these two in New York City many years ago while they were wandering around the then-art center of Soho and was struck by their seriousness and yet some kind of strange New York reality.  "We have no where to put anything anymore," they told me.  "We have works and works underneath our bed."  True story. 


Kiki said...

Hi Matthew,

My name is Kiki, writing from the production team of Herb & Dorothy. What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much for writing about us today! With only 2 1/2 weeks left in our campaign, we need all the support we can get.

And how beautiful that you met Herb and Dorothy in NYC, and what they told you...classic.

Thanks again from all of us here at H&D Headquarters!


Mythmara said...

I love this couple! What a wonderful project to get their story on film.