Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seeing Double: Her Royal Majesty Launches At Le Carmen In Paris

Her Royal Majesty's latest edition, 85 pages and perfect bound with a glossy cover and watermarked pages, launches at Le Carmen in Paris on 11.1.11 with art work and  three performances, all female duets, beginning at 9:30pm.  The magazine is edited by Harriet Alida Lye (pictured above).

The cover art was created specially for this edition by Badaude, and the printed version comes with a mini-magazine insert that folds out into a beautiful poster by Dan Estabrook on one side, and self-portraits by all of the contributors on the other.

Focused on the theme of Doubles, the works collected in the 11th issue explore questions of duality, opposites and partnership. A new collaboration between James Franco and Alison Higgins illustrates how two people can lead similar lives and have similar goals but with very different outcomes; a story of a parasitic twin reveals quelched potential; illustrations of Finnegans Wake by Stephen Crowe call into question the nature of duplicity and partnership; a new story by Lauren Elkin about partners that become enemies and have a duel in Les Halles…

The magazine will be available for sale at a discounted price at the party, and original artwork by Matthew Rose, Fiona Kinsella and Cara Tobe will be exhibited, along with special edition artists' prints of work featured in Her Royal Majesty by Mia Funk, Rosy Lamb, Grant Creegan and Lendl Barcelos.

Her Royal Majesty has been in the press, lately. Read interviews on HTMLGIANT and Vingt Paris and an article in Paris-Art. An article in Le Bonbon is forthcoming: pick up your free issue anywhere in Paris on November 1.   See the magazine online: Her Royal Majesty.

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