Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Les Affaires For Xmas From Keep Calm Gallery London

From Keep Calm Gallery in London: Les Affaires.

Like a shopping mall from hell and high water, Matthew Rose takes on the vast consumer/consumption subject with a surreal tour through the commercial center of his mind with Les Affaires.
Expertly produced by Mariela Cadiz and Burning Boy Press in Paris, Les Affaires brings consumption and all its myriad expressions to a neat explosion. Here, Freud (lower left corner) considers the expansive narratives from behind a silhouette of Popeye-as-Buddah. A family ponders a side of beef, a salesman dangles a naked blue girl in offering from his battery-as-desk (a housewife's head). A child's arms are weighed on a scale. One of a large pair of hands beholds a fashion plate – her own head morphed into a construction of pipes topped by a fan – while the other hand readies a pen for signing over something of value.

Indeed value is explored and remade as acts of gloating, comedy and narcissistic wonder and feeding. Matthew Rose's Les Affaires, a print based upon an enormous collage takes 'business as usual' to startling new heights and frighteningly new depths.

"I live on a market street in Paris," says the artist. "This happens every day."

  • Limited edition of 100
  • Signed, numbered, titled and dated by the artist
  • High quality giclee print
  • 310gsm Hahnemuhle fine art etching paper
  • 750mm by 700mm (29½ by 27½ inches)
Price: £150.00

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