Thursday, October 11, 2012

Markus Hansen's Shoe In : Nuit Blanche Paris

Markus Hansen, the Paris-based German artist, pulled out some 3300 shoes for his Nuit Blanche exhibition at the Palais des Déscouvertes in Paris this October. The work, a monumental sculpture made from thousands of discarded shoes (borrowed from the charity Association Emmaüs)sometimes appeared as a giant eye, or breast, or something other worldly even as it was clearly of the world. A bit of a play on the "line made by walking" and other works borrowed from nature by land artist Richard Long, and a refined take on Christian Boltanski's huge clothing depot work shown in Paris and New York and elsewhere, these shoes had soul and provided endless fascination from the multi-tied levels of the Palais des Déscouvertes. Film provided by Studio Markus Hansen.

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