Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sal Randolf's Free Money

The Emancipation of Money, 2012  Sal Randolf.
Rubber stamp printing on paper, people, cultural expectations., Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable.  NFS.

The Emancipation of Money is an experiment in circulating an alternative form of currency (the Free Dollar). With no predetermined purpose or use, the Free Dollar is designed to invite questions and provoke interactions. Hand printed “dollars” are infiltrated into the social community in a number of ways: left for the taking on open plates, given in spontaneous acts of admiration or amusement, slipped into publications and papers, or offered on request.

The work is part of a curated selection of artwork from Culturehall with text by David Smith.

See more here: Sal Randolf's The Emancipation of Money on Culturehall.

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