Sunday, February 17, 2013

March Madness : Collage At The Next Gallery Denver


March Madness is here: Collage madness.

The Madness of Collage, a large group show of collage artists across the planet will open at The Next Gallery in Denver Colorado on 8 March 2013. 

My work was first exhibited in Denver in 2006 when I filled The Capsule Gallery, directed by Laurie Lynnxe Murphy with more than 1000 collage works in a show entitled Spelling With Scissors.  The wall to wall to wall to floor to ceiling exhibition was the gallery's swan song and it soon after changed hands.  See a little YouTube video of me dancing in the gallery space.

I originally sent in 7 of my God & Country works on paper – a series I exhibited here in Paris in 2011 at Storie in Montparnasse, but fearing after nearly a month of silence they were lost in the combined labyrinths of both US and French postal systems, I sent in an additional 7 works.  The moment the second package was mailed the first arrived (of course).  In total 14 works on paper will be on view in the exhibition.

Juxtaposition: The Madness of Collage
The Next Gallery, 3659 Navajo Street, 
Denver, Colorado 80211
Exhibition Dates:  March 8 - 25, 2013
Reception: Friday, March 8, 6 pm - 10 pm

Visit The Next Gallery online

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