Wednesday, June 5, 2013


You know the French loved food and you know they love their dogs.  And now BIFF is here to prove it.

BIFF is the name of the cute canine owned by Carteaud Family Butcher Shop in Brantôme (24310) France.  Biff is also French (somewhat) for beef.

Viande pour nos amis les bêtes.

The Carteaud's boxer loves his owners because they pack him a biff lunch and dinner every day in 650 gram cans with his photo on it so he'll know it's his. (I guess for picnics and snacks there's the 320 gram can).

Interested in getting a carton for your pooch?  The Carteauds told me they are now doing mail order to Paris and beyond.

22 rue Victor Hugo
24310 Brantôme
T : 05 53 05 70 27
F : 05 53 05 72 55

E mail them here: BIFF.  They also have great sausages, duck and veal.  And they've put it all on FaceBook, too.

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