Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Museum Mascot Project Goes To Paris

The Museum Mascot Project recently visited Paris and created an impromptu mascot for the jewel of Modernism in the City of Light – The Pompidou Centre.  Created by Los Angeles-based artists Christen Sperry-Garcia and Brian Dick, the Pompidou Mascot was a serious hit in Paris during a cool summer day. 

From their web site:

The Nationwide Museum Mascot Project promotes art museums with custom made, sports team‐like mascots that engage with visitors and staff a like through handshakes, high‐fives and hugs, pro‐museum sign-picketing,social networking and workshops. Freegiveaways range from homemade buttons and stickers to balloons, zines and corn‐dogs. This project is on the tipping point between sincere promotion and playful parody.

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