Friday, June 6, 2014

Royal Secrets In The Queen's Body Fat : Laura Porter

Laura Porter, American conceptual artist/sculptor, recently exhibited several large-scale sculptures at l'Espace des arts sans frontières, in Paris.  The works, installations of found industrial materials are wonderfully puzzling and demand inquiry.

Here's the artist standing in front of her large work made from a found dental chair and other material.  The results are exotic and haunting.

Installation views of the exhibition are here.

Besides, Royal Secrets, the artist has launched a number of great exhibitions (and great titles) such as: Slack, Pervert's Tailgate, Swamp Meat, Pro Jet, Confectionery, Sourdough, Slax, Manswers for Mobsters, Not Sure, My Day at the Mall.

The artist, right, in front of the shadow of her piece in Paris. 

Her titles for works are intriguing and poetic and the works never cease to thrill.  Porter is pushing the limits of what sculpture and an aesthetic experience can be.  See more of Laura Porter's work here: Laura Porter.

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