Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scott Blake's ShopDrop in Omaha Target Store

Scott Blake, an Omaha, Nebraska artist has gently turned shoplifting around and dropped his limited edition, signed and numbered silkscreen printed tee shirts at an Omaha, Nebraska Target store.

The tee shirts are typical of the artist's subversive artwork. Blake created "bar code" art years ago: He's made a bar code portrait of Andy Warhol out of Campbell's Soup Can barcodes. He's done Marilyn Monroe out of DVD bar codes from her films. Scan the barcode and a scene from her film plays.  And he's upgraded his tech portraits with QR codes.  

Blake's Shopdrop tee shirt was purchased (see above) by the artist's friend, Larry Ferguson, for $13.90 and Mr. Ferguson even saved $1 on the purchase.  The shirt comes a signed and dated and numbered tag. The sale will go towards Target's bottom line earnings in the upcoming quarter.  Check out more of Scott Blake's intriguing work here: