Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone Girl

"The iPhone Girl, a factory worker at Foxconn in Taiwan putting together Apple iPhones, had her photograph embedded on a new iPhone that was discovered by a UK-iPhone owner who upon loading up iTunes on the new phone, found the girl smiling back at him from the factory. She seems happy enough. Her identity remained a mystery for a week, after the UK user posted it on a MacForum list. Slowly interest in the cute Chinese girl spread across the net and has launched a new career for the mystery girl.
She has just signed a contract with Steven Spielberg for a feature-length film about her life making iPhones. In addition to the multi-million dollar contract, proposals for marriage have poured in to the Foxconn Factory, with suitors from as far as Sante Fe, New Mexico, have lined up with flowers and candy. While asked to be John McCain's running mate, iPhone Girl declined. Last week she was seen partying with Obama Girl in Denver, site of the DNC Convention.. AP story here.

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