Friday, August 22, 2008



This pretty much says it all, don't you think? Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic also posted this poster.

Feel free to send it to a friend, blog it, post it, print out a few hundred copies at your local photocopy place (especially if you're in Denver or Minneapolis.


lynnxe said...

Hey Matthew,

We're doing the Boom truck again -- go to to check it out. Unfortunately we're getting chased out of everywhere, and that's by the office of cultural affairs!

Anyway, I'll try to print out your poster and have it by the truck to give out -- it's great, truly sums the whole thing up.

Here's a yard sign I made for a show at Robischon that travels to Minneapolis for the Unconvention:
You can actually order yard signs through them to put out.

It's a crazy, crazy time here. Frustrating and busy and strange. SUV's with 6 cops in riot gear hanging on the sides, copters hovering overhead, and it hasn't even STARTED yet...wish me luck, that our lovely nomadic gallery actually finds a place to park and DOESN'T land us in jail!

lynnxe said...

That link seems to have gone wonky, let's try this:


JULIE said...

I found your McBush poster quite accidently on flickr while I was browsing around the pix of my contacts.

Didn't even realize it was your poster till after I printed it out!! It was a good one, I took your command to print it out quite literally and did 3 copies. One for my office, one for my Democrat friend Joan who sits in another room, and the third to tack on the bulletin board at the local grocery store, Price Chopper, just to piss off the locals.

Well, as it came off the printer, I handed one to Joan. And she looked at me queerly, instead of laughing like usual. I went back to my office and didn't think much of it. The next morning, it occurred to me that something was very wrong, like maybe she wasn't voting for Obama???

So I called her in and asked her about it. She was a very staunch Hillary fan I know...and I asked her about her strange reaction to the poster. Turns out she is NOT voting for Obama> I say, OH, so you are
voting for McCAIN?????!!! And she replies, Well, no, I am voting for experience....

Good GRIEF! I won't go into my annoyed thoughts on that subject, but I will say that I am quite pleased now, knowing that the message of that poster went to someone who really needs to see it. A possible vote gone bad.

Makes me think of the last votes and the Nader spoiler...Will Hillary be the spoiler this time around? So strange how people think.

Julie /

Mr.Natural said...

Mathew I have sent this out to several active people, a couple of whom may have the capability to actually print up weather proof posters from it! I SURE HOPE SO!

Mr. Natural