Monday, November 9, 2009

The Philly Blahg Wars

Philadelphia has a new brand of cream cheese.

The newly launched artblagh is taking on the venerable in what seems like a brawling battle of the Philadelphia art blogs.

Thing is the artblagh is fiction. Blagh of course is "blague," joke en françaisTrès continental. And hey! Check out those ads! Are they paid? I clicked on the link for the media kit and felt like I was playing Asteroids with the plug pulled out. No link!

The authors of the artblagh are "harry and henrietta falloff" a loving take-off on the artblog's roberta fallon and libby rosoff.

In a recent post, the author "likesomebodycares" announces: "We will have a lot more little inside stories to share with you from time to time. They come out of our upcoming book, Filly Art World Memoir that we are working on. It will name names and we will not be spare anybody. We can't wait to start cashing in on it!!!"

Read and enjoy...them both!


Anonymous said...

hey, sorry to say that I don't think that there's any love coming from the art blahg. Read it more thoroughly. he's a hater, whoever he is.

Anonymous said...

hey, you should re-read the said artblahg. he is most def a hater and loves talking trash behind his imagined anonymity. (he is not really anonymous- local small potatoes artist vincent r.). he derides anyone who reaches some local success because of his own insecurity and hatred. please re-read it if you think there is any homage cause I assure you, there isn't, just venom.

Harry + Harrietta said...

There is a hate campaign complete with a sinister litlesistaartblahg that is on a mission to slander a common enemy they have chosen as their victim-o-choice. They have gone as far as to contact galleries and other places this innicnet artist has dealings wit. That is another form of Blackfisting made famous by brown shirt right wing loonies in l'america.

They are mad because the "entitled onez" can not take constructive criticism so they attackand cry they are the victims, ha.

The realartblahg continues it's righteous mission to expose the nasty art antics going on in fillytowne USA namely: nepotism, frenzism and countless condicks of interest by the mediaholes, museum elites and the wannabees that support them.

lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee ya!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you think that Vincent r. is not a hater, re-read the blog or the article and comments here at Citipaper:

Better yet, read an example from a post this week on artblahg:

"Dissedclaimer: We have chosen the model for our movie based on the number of times that the words African American are repeated in the Pew press release. It may be fitting that the awards are dominated by this racial group since they do represent a very large percentage of people in the area and have made major contributions to the scene. But we are against any skewing of awards based on quotas or percentages and think they should be based strictly on merit not local affilyhations, education or other PC crap one finds on a resume. "

Judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but artblahg is a venomous creep. I have to agree with posters #1,#2,& #4. Comment #3, Harry & Harrietta, is Vincent, i.e., artblahg. For a mostly complete synopsis on his awful cyber-bullying, check out Travesty's take on it here:

Anonymous said...

"There is a hate campaign complete with a sinister litlesistaartblahg that is on a mission to slander a common enemy they have chosen as their victim-o-choice."

You mean this victim?