Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sara Conti has had a busy summer, covering the unused, unseen walls of an abandoned Saint-Ghislain in Belgium with her irreverent characters vomiting, swimming, talking underwater, screaming, buzzing, bleeding and even sometimes (gasp) having what appears to be sex. Sara uses large "autocollants" – simple colored paper that is xeroxed; she then pastes with traditional wallpaper glue.

These newest works are expansive and bring together her simple matryoshka or babushka, Russian nesting dolls into dynamic and very weird plays of love and lust, solitude and electricity (life currents?).  We love them.  As for the sex, you'l have to figure out where and how.  Visit Sara's site: SARACADABRA.

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Jasmine Wong said...

Nice art, but I find this worldwide obsession about Russian dolls very strange and unappealing. I mean, you can find them everywhere, from Les Champs Elysees in Paris to clothing market in Beijing. Now Belgium too... Meh.